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Recent dissertations:

Jennifer DeMella (2022). Managing expectations after expecting: A phenomenological study of anger and societal expectations in new motherhood. Dissertation completed at Antioch University Seattle
Tiffany DeVol (2022). Paying attention: The lived experience of ADHD graduate students in higher education.
Shannon Cain (2022). An examination of trauma-informed care in medical settings that serve mothers with opioid use disorders and their infants.
Susan Blaine (2022). The lived experience of losing employment after diagnosis with dementia: A phenomenological analysis.

Tucker, A. (2020). A story of a collective metamorphosis of breastfeeding mothers: A phenomenological exploration of a face-to-face healthcare provided peer support group.

Lauren Mefford (2020). The Lived Resettlement Experience for Single Refugee Mothers from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Linda Banks (2020). A phenomenological Study of Uninsured Individuals’ Primary Healthcare Experience at Nurse Managed Clinics in Mississippi.

Matthew Moore (2020). “If I’ve Got God on My Side, I Can Do It”: A Phenomenological Investigation of the Lived Experiences of Spirituality for LDS NCAA DI Student-Athletes”

Ashley Roach (2020). The Lived Experience of Adolescents Who Provide Support to Friends with Anxiety, Depression, or Suicidal Ideation

Kendrea Todt (2020). The Lived Experience of Nurses Caring for Patients with Infective Endocarditis Who Use or Have Used Intravenous Drugs in Appalachia: A Phenomenological Study.

Deborah Jones (2018). Military Children’s Perceptions of Parents’ Frequent Missile Base Deployments.

Everett Painter (2017). Therapeutic Aspects of Tattoo Acquisition: A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Connection Between Psychological Trauma and the Writing of Stories into Flesh

Jenny Webb (2017). A Phenomenological Study of Adolescent Pregnancy Loss.

Dissertations up through 2016

Smith, J. T. (2016). Stories of Success: A Phenomenological Study of Positive Transformative Learning Experiences of Low-Socioeconomic Status Community College Mathematics Students

Sohn, B. K. (2016). The Student Experience of Other Students

Ruskie, S. E. (2015). You Came to Not Normal Land”: Nurses’ Experience of the Environment of Disaster: A Phenomenological Investigation

Dellard, T. (2013). Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions and Experiences of Family Engagement: A Phenomenological Investigation

Franklin, K. (2013). Conversations with a Phenomenologist: A Phenomenologically Oriented Case Study of Instructional Planning

Swift, S. H. (2013). “It’s a Little Scar”: A Phenomenological Study of Nurses’ Responses Following Direct Involvement in a Nursing Error

Mottern, R. D. (2011). “Your World Stops”: The Relationship Chiasm between Teachers and Students in Court-Mandated Adult Education

Dissertations 2006 and earlier

  • Arfken, M. (2006). Political practice: A hermeneutic-phenomenological inquiry. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio. [PDF]
  • Bales, H. A. (1998). The meaning of solitude in the lives of creative writers. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Barrell, J. E. (1988). A phenomenological investigation of feeling alone. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Batson, D. (2004). The experience of menopausal transition among Amish women. Advisor: Sandra Thomas
  • Beier, B. F. (1994). A phenomenological study of the experience of having family stories told about oneself. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Church, S. M. (1999). The life-world of centenarians. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Clayton, T. L. (1995). A phenomenological investigation of the experience of being labeled. Advisor Howard R. Pollio.
  • Columbus, P. J. (1992). A qualitative study of the first-person accounts of living with a stutter. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Cornish, K. A. (2001). The phenomenology of spiritual experience. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio
  • Corts, D. P. (1999). Spontaneous production of figurative language and gesture in college lectures: A comparison across disciplines. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio
  • Donaghy, R. C. (2005). “It permeates the whole fabric of your life”: The experience of scholars who have studied self-directed learning. Advisor: R.G. Brockett
  • Dossett, J. M. (2000). The experience of sexual desire: An empirical-phenomenological investigation. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio
  • Erdmann, B. R. (1987). Living with chronic pain. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio
  • Eskre, D. R. (1996). The absent therapist’s presence: A thematic analysis of patients’ experiences of their therapist in imagination. Director: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Fernandez, L. (1992). The world of the lupus patient: Phenomenological and psychological perspectives in lupus erythematosus. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Goodrich, L. B. (1988). Deafness as difference: A phenomenological investigation of the experience of being deaf. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Gordon, D. M. (1992). “The road not taken”: A phenomenological investigation of the experience of regret. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Graves, T. R. (2006). The thematic meaning of face-to-face conflict experiences: A hermeneutic phenomenological investigation. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio. [PDF]
  • Hawthorne, M. C. (1988). The human experience of reparation: A phenomenological investigation. Advisor Howard R. Pollio
  • Heron, R. L. (1997). Intuiton and deliberation: A study of women’s sexual choices. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Hunt, J. W. (1992). Crying women: An investigation of the lived experience of women with and without cancer. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Jacobs, N. L. (1994). Boundaries of the self: A phenomenological inquiry into the experience of losing a sense of self. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Ingram, J. L. (1989). Metaphor in psychotherapy reconsidered: A hermeneutic approach. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio
  • Koelln, J. M. (1987). A pheneomenological investigation of humor in psychotherapy. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Nowell, B. C. (1996). The expereince of interpersonal connection. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Openlander, K. D. (2001). Experiential aspects of neglect: A phenomenological inquiry. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio
  • Pennewell, N. D. (1995). Human resiliency: The experience and the phenomenon. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Ravicz, L. (1998). The experience of longing (desire, yearning). Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Reitz, R. R. (1998). The re-production of violence in the lives of domestically violent men: A phenomenological study. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Rosenbaum, M. J. (2000). Jewish women in the South: A phenomenological investigation. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio
  • Sarvey , S. (2001). Living with a machine: The experience of the child who is ventilator-dependent. Advisor: Sandra Thomas
  • Shattell , M. (2002). “Make them your friend:” A phenomenological study of patients’ experience soliciting nursing care in the hospital setting. Advisor: Sandra Thomas
  • Shea-Messler, W. (2004). Why am I still here, you ask? A phenomenological study of the lived experience of nurse managers. Advisor: Sandra Thomas
  • Skinner, L. R. (1996). Healing through meeting: A phenomenological description of the experience of being together in psychotherapy. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Smith, N. L. (2002). A phenomenological study of the experience of travel. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio
  • Sproule, J. B. (1988). Intuition and insight: The therapist’s experience of psychotherapy. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Taylor, B. L. (1995). Psychotherapists’ experiences of empathy: A phenomenological inquiry. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio.
  • Thweatt, G. M. (2000). The experience of being lost. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio
  • Wade, J. (2004). Crying alone with my child: An existential phenomenological exploration of the meaning of being a parent of a school age child with bipolar disorder. Advisor: Sandra Thomas
  • Weed, D. (2004). The meaning of the death of an adult child to an elder. Advisor: Sandra Thomas
  • Williamson, W. P. (1999). The experience of religious serpent handling: A phenomenological study. Advisor: Howard R. Pollio